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Welcome To Adlex Chambers

Adlex Law Firm (trading as Adlex Chambers) is one of the few Mauritian law firms created by Mauritians in order to give service to both local and international clients.
It is registered with the Attorney General Office of the Republic of Mauritius. Our practical knowledge and rich experiences allow us to provide comprehensive legal services to our Mauritian and foreign individual/corporate clients.

Since founded, Adlex has always believed in the highest level of integrity, followed a people-oriented approach, and given back to the society whenever possible.
We continue to follow the principle of “client first” in providing reliable and highly effective services.

All Legal and Tax professionals were educated in prestigious institutions in United Kingdom. In addition to rich local experiences, one of our professionals have also worked as a lawyer in England and has appeared in many courts of law of England up to the High Court. To this extent, Adlex is a professional organisation that combines local knowledge and international perspectives. Webutation