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Immigration Laws

The Head of Chambers has appeared in many appeals before both the Lower and the Upper Tribunal in United Kingdom. He has done so for 8 years before assisting on many immigration matters for clients emigrating to UK, Australia and Canada and for clients who are immigrating to Mauritius.

There are clearly a lot of difficulties being faced by immigrants in Mauritius to have a working, spouse or visitors visas. The firm accompanies its clients during each and every step of the immigration procedures from the initial application to appeals. Procedures may include application for specific Orders before Judge in Chambers, Judicial Reviews, Injunctions and assistance to apply for Residency and Citizenship. 

The dynamics of the Mauritius Immigration Laws are different to the ones of UK, Canada and Australia which have clear guidelines on specific types of applications. In Mauritius, there is no specific guideline and perceptions of inconsistency, hence complaints from foreigners about too much red tapes and so on.

The law of Immigration in most western nations are becoming more and more difficult to deal with and it is taking an average of 3 years for Canada (for residents), 1 year for UK (most applications except for students) and 6 months in Australia. The costs for such applications are becoming more and more expensive and difficult to afford. Webutation