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Tax Laws in Mauritius

The principle of taxation is the same in any country. The Government imposes a system of tax on income and benefits as well as privileges in order to gather money for developments of the country.
The main income tax legislation in Mauritius is the Income Tax Act 1995 as amended
by subsequent Finance Acts.

Corporate and Personal Taxes are embodied under one  heading of Income Tax and are payable by all resident companies and individuals on  income derived from Mauritius.

For tax purposes ‘Resident’,  means:

a) For a company:
incorporated    in    Mauritius    or    has    its    Central    Management
and control in Mauritius

b) For an individual:
•    domicile in Mauritius
•    has been present in Mauritius in that income tax year for a period of, or an
aggregate period of, 183 days or more or has been present in Mauritius
in that income year and the two preceding income years for an aggregate
period of 270 days or more

c) a    société     which    has    its    seat    in    Mauritius    and    includes    a    société     which    has    at least one associate resident in Mauritius

d) trust    –    where    the    trust    is    administered     in    Mauritius    and a    majority    of    the trustees are resident of Mauritius or where the settler of the trust was resident in Mauritius at the time the instrument creating the trust was executed

The rate of tax applicable for all companies is 15%.

Offshore Companies (now known as Corporation Holding Category 1 Global Business
Licence) pay tax at a rate of 15%. Tax credit up to 80% is available.
Offshore International Companies (now Corporation Holding Category 2 Global
Business Licence) are exempt from tax. Webutation